Friday, February 10, 2012

How did you know how to do that?

yummo...Vanilla Dr Pepper

So it's Thursday night at the Corley house and dad is gone to the fire department.  This happens every week and us girls are always looking for something to fill our evening.  This week was no different except for the fact that momma hasn't been feeling the best and just wants to stay in tonight and not go shopping or visiting or anything really.  My girls hate it when mom is in this kind of stay home mood.  I was hoping to cheer them up a bit. So we make popcorn (using the method from a few post ago)  We love popcorn, everyone likes to put their own topping on which makes it fun.  But we needed something icy cold and yummy to wash down all the salty popcorn.  So I got out the vanilla extract and added a bit to our Dr pepper.  Yep that's right mom knows how to make vanilla Dr Pepper just like at Sonic and QT?    They thought this was great.  We had a good evening in watching a movie while having popcorn and soda.
I went to the store today to pick up a few things for making homemade ice cream and homemade root beer so that we can make floats this evening.  While at the store I grabbed a bottle of cherry extract so that they could make cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper if they want to. 
I love sharing my crazy ideas with people, although I am not one to just start a conversation with a stranger but as I was putting the cherry flavor in the cart a lady stopped me and asked what I use that for...
The cherry flavor? I asked  Yes, she said.  "I always see it and the others but never had a reason to buy them"
I told her we might be crazy because you can purchase cherry vanilla flavored sodas but that my girls thought it was the coolest thing ever that mom knew how to make it at home.  She thought it was cool as well and that her kids might like that too.  while in this short amount of time I also shared with her how to make root beer and let her know that we would be making homemade root beer floats with it tonight along with the homemade ice cream...she asked where I lived so that she could come by (joking of course)  But as I was turning to finish my shopping I noticed her put the root beer flavor into her cart.  (It really does taste great.)
I passed this same lady again a couple more times and each time she thanked me for the ideas and even stopped me one last time to make sure she got the right stuff for making the root beer.  I assured her that she did and wished her luck and that I hoped her family would like it as much as we do.

I usually hate going to Wal-mart, the store sucks the life out of me as well as the money from my wallet.  But today was different, I got to share some fun with a stranger and it was great.  I loved the whole experience.  I only wish I had given her my name or blog address or something so that she could read up on all the fun things we do that I share with all of you.
Maybe next time.

Have a great weekend everyone, I'll share more soon.

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  1. This makes me smile!! How did you know how to do that???