Saturday, February 18, 2012


Well I guess you can call it that.  there was no real damages though so maybe it isn't really vandalism after all.  This is what happens when Stephanee gets bored and is looking for something to do.  Be glad we didn't do her idea.  Sitting at dinner she shows a picture of a car completely surrounded by shopping carts, no not just a few...all the carts available I'd guess.  Now I'm all about a prank on someone I know, but a stranger.  well I couldn't be that mean.  So we waved off that idea when my oldest girl...yes the sweet innocent one.  says hey how bout we post it note someones car...someone else says yea how bout Jasons truck and well it was a plan at that point and had to be played out. (poor Jason doesn't stand a chance with Stephanee & I both in his life)    ;-)
the picture above is 2400 post it notes all lovingly suck to his truck.  if u look at it right it seems as if his truck has scales like a fish. (Hehe)  while the original plan was to post them and leave them to find when he got off work (@ 2 am-while we were all home snuggled up and sleeping) that is not what happened.  we really do have hearts and couldn't leave him to clean it all up alone after 12 hours of work. Plus the 4 teenage girls that helped wanted to see his reaction.  With a very convincing phone call from some enlisted help he showed up (running lights & sirens with back up) to find this site. All while 6 giggling girls hid out and watched.  we finally gave ourselves up and took the threats of pay back with a grain of salt (he may get us back but he will never get a rise out of us like we got from him...running hot with back up FUNNY)  the girls felt sorry for him and cleaned up the mess.  Someone who happened to see the mess asked "why?"  someone else said "because they are little girls" talking about our girls. My reply was "well its better than what some teenage girls are doing at 10pm on a Friday night."  The plus side is Steph and I got to make a great silly memory with our girls.  they are growing so quick we may not have very many of those before we're not fun and all they care about is hanging out with boys so we'll take what we can get.

As far as pay backs...I'm waiting  :)

Life is short get out there and make some great crazy memories of your own.
Have a great weekend.

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