Monday, January 2, 2012

A new year

Ugh!  I have started and deleted this blog entry more times than I care to admit. :)  I have so many things floating around in my mind that I want to write about that I keep jumbling them all up on the page and they are not making sense to me so I am sure you will not have a clue what I am saying...babble, babble, babble...

Anyway maybe this one will work for us all.
The new year.  2012  Wow.  I am getting so old, I don't ever recall thinking this far in to the future when I was a kid except maybe when I watched movies with flying cars and hoovering skate boards and such thinking it would be neat to have a flying car.  but here we are still living a pretty normal life without all that stuff.

I chuckle a little when I think of all the things I enjoy, these things certainly don't "fit" the year 2012 as the movie writers would write it. Because I don't want a flying car, I think it would be fun to ride a horse everywhere or have a covered wagon for when it was raining or cold.  I like planting a garden and raising pigs, cows and chickens to keep me from buying a good part of my family's food from the grocery store.  I like pouring cream into the butter churn and making my own butter because it tastes so much better than that vegetable oil mess you buy in the bowl, I like playing out in the yard or sitting around reading books rather than being tethered to the TV by a video game.  I have made the comment to Stephen (and on this blog) that maybe I was born in the wrong year.  but then the reality of it is, if I HAD to live like that I would be wishing for something different.  But that doesn't stop me from wanting to adopt the less is more attitude.  If I could get Stephen and the girls on board with me, well life would be sweet.
I don't usually make "new years resolutions" generally I hate them, but this year is a little different.  I want to live more frugally (is that a real word)  anyway.  yea, i want to be happy with what I have, not have the constant need to spend money i haven't earned to buy things i don't need to impress people i don't care about.  That isn't what life is about and I am tired of living like that.  I want simplicity.  simple enough right?  well this year we are going to find out if i can do it.  So here on my blog, I am putting it out there (accountability), my goals.  so when the end of this year comes you can ask me, "well how did you do?"  We did not get this crazy overnight so it will take some time to turn it all around.  Baby steps and faith!  I don't know if I will reach all my goals, but I am going to try.  and that is truly all I can do.
1.  Spend less
2.  Save more
3.  Downsize everything (and I mean everything)
4.  Organize my home and everything in it.
and lastly
5.  Live contently with what we have(resist the urge to buy more crap).
Now keep in mind that I did say Stephen and the girls haven't really heard my plan just yet so when I set them down and let them in on the plan they may just squash it like a pesty bug.  But I hope that I can paint in their minds how stress free living like that will be and that alone should help my cause.
So wish me luck with my plan for the new year and check back here often as I am sure I will have lots of crazy stories that will come of it all. 

As for you I hope that you do all you can to have the best year yet.  Happy 2012 everyone.

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  1. You spoke my thoughts word for word! Those are our goals for this year as well. Order, in EVERY aspect of our life!