Monday, January 9, 2012

Unexpected events

My momma & daddy
Today's blog isn't on track with my whole being frugal goal but then life happens and plans change.  Saturday night(Sunday morning really) my momma had a heart attack.  This was very unexpected for us and as much as I like to think I can handle things like that if they happen, I learned very quickly that I can not.  I believe had it not been my own mom then yes my head would have been screwed on straight and I would have been able to remember everything I was taught (i hope)  She seems to be doing well today we are waiting for more tests to find out how much damage was done by the episode Saturday night.  The doctors seem very positive about everything.  I keep thinking about how I could have made different choices to make things different, like not having to wait 45 minutes on an ambulance or communicating with mom better to know ahead of time that she has been prescribed nitro and we could have eased the pain much quicker, if we didn't live so far out that we could have gotten an EMSA unit quicker, if I had baby aspirin in my cabinet they would have helped...there are tons of "what ifs" there are even a few bad what ifs, like what if she had been home alone, what if Mike didn't answer his phone when we called...I know we shouldn't think about the what ifs but then that is just human nature. 
I am extremely grateful for the men who showed up at my house that had the training, equipment & medication needed to get control of the situation in a timely manner.  I know that some people get too caught up in the whole who's boundary line, who's service area,  who's district and my thoughts on that are if that is what you are worried about most then maybe you ought to hang it up and call it quits, because from where I sit today, it isn't about all that. its about taking care of the patient no matter what service area they live in they should be your priority not who gets there first.  because what does it matter if you get there first.  if you are not trained to care for their needs when you get there.
My mom is doing well for now, they told us that at this point there isn't a lot that they can do for her except give her lots more medication to keep her heart in check and we have a lot of work ahead of us with keeping her on her meds, she is very hard headed when it comes to taking medicine or buying it.  I think she is starting to understand how important it is.  This has been a pretty hard wake up call for us all but sometimes it takes something bad to make you understand how important it all is.
I thank all my friends and family for all the prayers, phone calls, texts & visits.  It means so much to us all. but most of all I thank God she is still with us today. 

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  1. Tammy this is so true. I know going through this with a some what hard headed husband not wanting to go to the hospital,it makes you think about things differently,don't take time with loved ones for granite. I am glad that she is still with us...bless her heart...when something happens like this, it effects everyone not just the person going through it. My thoughts and prayers will be with you All...I love you guys!