Saturday, January 21, 2012

The girls

Brittnie, DaLaney, Valorie & MaKyla

These girls have been friends since the beginning of time (their time anyway)  I met their momma shortly after I started dating Stephen, she was dating his friend so they wanted us to get to know each other.  It was crazy at first.  I never take to new people well and that day was no different.  But over time we build an amazing friendship for us (and our children).  I think that she is the sister my parents forgot to give me.  Either that or God knew no mother could handle the both of us as sisters either way we are great friends.  She had some changes in life that took her and her girls away for about 4 years, but here we are all back together (-1, +1) as one big crazy family. 
Our girls fight just like sisters, but the love they have for each other is unconditional.  We got to see this first hand when the little ones had a huge fight with a bunch of horrible things they said to one another.  My thought was well they are getting big enough now that they need to figure it out for them selves, or we can sit them down together and let them talk it out with the parents in the room.  But that wasn't needed.  The next time they were together they took care of it themselves. 
girl 1-I'm sorry I said those things
girl 2-Yea, me too I'm sorry
girl 1-We're good?
girl 2-Yep we're good.
and that is how it was handled, no parents needed to get involved or anything it was fixed just like that.  We as grown ups could learn so much from the children in our lives.

The oldest girls don't ever seem to fuss with each other like that, I believe it is because they are both such laid back, relaxed people that nothing they do ever causes conflict between them.  Now I am sure as they get older and go different ways things will come between them(school, boys, work, kids) but I am also sure that no matter what it is they will be like Stephanee and I, they will find their way back to the way it was.

Even though they don't all belong to me, I love all these girls the same and it brings a smile to my face when one of them (that don't actually belong to me) calls me mom.  These are some of the best kids anyone could ask for and every day they are growing into such beautiful young ladies.

Thanks to Stephanee for taking them out to take a few photos.  There were lots of good ones, but the one above was my favorite.

Thanks for reading, have a great day.

ps. it's almost giveaway time :)

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