Sunday, April 8, 2012

Let's catch up :)

It's been a couple of weeks, boy has it been nuts.  My work week back from spring break wasn't the greatest and it had me pretty stressed...crazy work, family issues that somehow always pop up, but I got this bubble wrap out of a shipment at work and played with it a bit and when I got off work found that Stephen was going to grill for us (i love this time of year) found this picture and it make me think of Stephen standing out at the grill :)  So maybe I just let the stress get to me too easily because by the time I got home there was no stress at all (a husband that takes care of dinner helps alot though)


Got to spend some time with Miss Kashly, she always wants to come out to the house ,this makes my heart happy because I remember Nanny and Mikey's house being where I always wanted to be because it was so much fun (they spoiled me as I do her) and she loves all the animals we have.  Britt lets her ride (sit on while we lead) Ladybug and she loves to "pick eggs" while she's here too.  17 eggs in one day isn't too shabby.

The huge lottery was all anyone could talk about last week, everyone dreaming about what they would do with half a billion dollars, I wish I could say that I didn't buy into the hype, but Stephen did buy a couple of #'s.  It really is silly to me to spend money on the lottery or at the casinos but I guess if you don't go nuts you're probably gonna be OK.  Of course I was in on the "If I win I'm gonna buy...I'm gonna go..."  but we didn't win (of course, because if we had this post would be full of pictures from around the world)  I think it is because the day before the winning #s were picked Stephen found this 4 leaf clover and used up what little bit of luck he had for the week  :)  I pressed it in a book to keep it.  Not because I believe it has luck I don't know if it does or not, but because it is cool, how often do you find a 4 leaf clover?

I can't believe I have had 2 full weekends with out blogging.  But wow we had another crazy week at work, it was so crazy that I can't even go into how crazy because you all would go nuts too.  Lets just say this picture is how I felt by the time Tuesday (my Friday) came around.  Lansing was so tired of all the craziness that he took his frustrations out on a stray shoe that was left hanging around unattended.  He was so happy with his shoe that he was almost smiling. 

Then came my weekend (Wednesday, Thursday & Friday for normal people) again.  I got to relax fishing at the lake Wednesday, spent the whole day with Sarah Janel caching on Thursday.  We had tons of fun.
On Friday the girls were out of school for good Friday so I figured I would take them to the mall and do a bit of shopping.  While sitting at lunch at the mall we were talking and out of the blue I said man I would much rather be hanging out at the lake that sitting in the middle of the mall.  I about fell over when both my girls said "yea me too, we should go fishing"  So we went to one store and left.  Stopped to get some drinks and worms and went to the lake (except Val she wanted to go mow the lawn at grandmas house)  Britt and I went on out and fished the evening away.  We only caught a bunch of perch, but we had a great time while we were there.
Here are a few of pictures of my adventures this past week :)  enjoy!

Not a keeper, but fun to catch, and yes that is my hand holding that fish (yuck)

I didn't get to catch too many fish Wednesday, but it was nice to sit out there with nothing or no one causing problems just the sunshine the breeze and the fish  :)

and that one too

I had to learn to take my own fish off...that way I can do with out a guy there to take care of me.  It was quite gross but fun anyway.  Marty learned that he liked fishing too.  He learned very quickly that if you bite them right on the head by the eyes they stop flopping almost instantly (disgusting dog)

I could so do this every day.

these awesome horses were on the way to the "fishing hole"

I stole these shoes from Val when she never wore them after Christmas 2 years ago...I believe it is official that they are now my favorite shoes (other than my boots)  But Shh...don't tell her.
It is a little funny though, because I remember being in high school and asking for a pair of red high top Reebok's and my mom go me red "Chucks" and I hated them, but look now. Crazy how things change...and Chucks are the most comfy shoe (I can't explain it)

Geocaching was great, we left around 8:30 Thursday and didn't return until 4:30.  Seen lots of great things, some things were a bit sad, and others were just odd.  I learned that I can find my way to and from Muskogee with out getting on a major highway (its funner that way anyhow)  :)  Found 15 caches that day, not my personal best but it was a great day.

Odd--Where the names have no streets

Cool--There was a street with my name :)

Sad--a cemetery that is clearly used still but no one takes care of it. (it could be so pretty)
Free to a good home!


"moms favorite"

These sweet little girls were born a week before Thanksgiving 2011.  We can no longer afford to feed 3 extra labs.  Their momma is a Chocolate Lab, the dad is someones dog from the neighborhood.  If you would like a new puppy (they are the sweetest things) and you live near us, please email me at  and I will do what I can to get her to you.

I'm half way through another work week, can't wait to see what next weekend holds for me. 
If you wanna go fishing or geocaching just holler at me, I'll go with you and we will have an awesome time!  :)

Have a great week and Happy Easter to you and your family.

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