Monday, April 16, 2012

My week in pictures

April 9th through 13th really so I don't know if you can call it a real "week" but it sure felt like I done enough stuff that it qualified as a whole week.  Have a look at the crazy things going on in my life right now :)

The perfume I have been wanting...Stephen bought it for me.  It was waiting on the kitchen table when I came home from work. Monday night.  It smells great and I love it

S'mores pops anyone?  That's right s'more pops, I posted about these the other day when I made them.  They came together so fast and my girls just loved them.  Like I said there is a post that tells all about them.  You should make some for your family, you will be a hero  :)

Stephen and I have been on a high protein low calorie diet for a month now and we have been cutting a bunch of foods from our life and eating much more healthy...with that said I have to admit that the other day I had a crazy urge for bacon.  I never really ate a lot of bacon before so I was a bit surprised that I was craving it so badly.  So I bought us some bacon and this is what I did with it...I am pretty sure that when God created asparagus that He did not mean for it to be wrapped in bacon, but boy was it GOOD.  (I made BLT's for dinner 2 nights this past week as well...he he)

The weather has been kinda nuts, rainy, hot super windy...but we enjoy the back yard just as well through it all (mostly)  This evening Stephen and the girls were out feeding the animals and Val was asked to clean the chickens water pan.  You're thinking "ya so..."  but what you may not know is that Valorie is deathly afraid of the chickens.  Why I have no idea, but she is.  Brittnie is just ornery.  She caught Val not looking and ran and locked the coop door from the outside and started tossing fresh grass and some feed in around Val's feet so that the hens would gather around her feet.  Now you and I both know that the hens only care about gathering all that feed and not attacking Valorie but she was sure they were going to "peck me to death"  I believe were her words.  I find it all quite funny and wanted to share my crazy kids with you.

The 12th was Britts 13th birthday and we knew we would be waiting until Friday to have her party and my girls birthday has never went by unnoticed.  So Wednesday night (the 11th) after Britt went to bed Valorie and I inflated over 30 balloons and taped photos with little cute sayings on them to the balloon strings.  turned them all loose in Britt's room for her to find when she woke up.  We also used green streamer and covered her door from top to bottom.  It was great to see the look on her little face.  She loved it.

I don't know if her smile gets much bigger than this  :)

And of course we had to have cake and candles before school the day of her actual birthday and big sister even let her have one of the gifts she picked out instead of making her wait until the party day.

Softball season has started as it does every year the week of Britts birthday.  This was Tuesday evening, the weather was perfect and they even won.  (beat the team from Skiatook no less...he he)

I love watching my girls play this position.  It makes them work hard and they are both great here.
Valorie and I missed the game on Thursday night but heard all about how Britts hit brought in the winning run for her team.  Makes them 2 and 0 so far.  Hope their winning keeps up.

On Friday we had her party and this is just one shot of her cake I took.  I loved it.  I had seen something like this on pinterest as a wedding cake and had to have it done for my baby (who isn't quite a baby anymore)  I took some photos to my favorite baker (Lynn of Lynns Cakes in Skiatook OK-look her up she is great) and asked if she could do it (would like to say I NEVER doubted her)  and this is what she gave me back.  Absolutely wonderful, it tasted great and best of all...Britt LOVED it.

 Done a ton of shopping (poor pocket book) and even got to meet up with my best girl (Jody) even if it was for just a little bit.  I love visiting with her and miss that she don't live just down the street anymore (there is a couple farm houses for sale on my street...just sayin') 

I am going to be working on a few UFOs (un-finished objects) that I have stashed around the house and start some new ones so be looking for posts about all that soon.  But for today, well that's all I have.

Have a wonderful Monday!

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