Sunday, April 22, 2012

Me & chuck(s)

So I mentioned in a post or so ago that I have started wearing "Chucks"  I had bought them for Val she didn't like this pair and wanted new ones (she is spoiled and nearly always gets what she wants)  Anyway this was a perfectly good pair of shoes laying around collecting dust.  I tried them on, they fit so I started wearing them.  Let me just say they are almost as good as going barefooted and I LOVE them.  I like the look and how awesome they feel on my feet.  While cleaning up the photo storage on my phone I noticed that they seem to be popping up in a lot of my pictures.  So I thought I would share what "Chuck(s) and I have been up to this past week  :)

We went to watch Britt play softball, she did great and we had the best seat in the place.  Val and her "Chuck(s)" sat next to us and cheered for Miss Brittnie and the Lady Pirates to a 15-0 win!  WOOHOO!

This is us kicking back having a beverage (red solo cup no less) at the lake in a fun little "secret" place that Steph & I took our oldest girls.  No it isn't a secret, but the girls had never been there and they thought it was cool and can't wait to go back with friends their own age (maybe when they miss curfew we will find them here one day (no not the oldest but most likely the little ones...ugh)

Finally this is us waiting on the big one to bite.  It never did by the way.  I did however learn what they mean when they say "my worst day fishing still beats my best day at work"  Because my dad will testify to this, that day was my absolute worst day fishing, first the fishing pole I took down to the water with me didn't have a handle (didn't know it until I had tied a hook and baited it up)  went to get a different pole, got it ready and got to fish for a bit, caught a couple fish then got my line hung up on something in the water.  Broke the line, tied on another hook tried to fish again, hung up went on like that for what seemed like every time I threw my line out...I stopped counting how many times I tied on a new hook after about 6 or 8 I know it was more than that.  A couple of times I did get it untangled or saved the hook, but only a couple.  Sat down one time and tossed it out and the wind blew my hat off into the water.  Dad had to use his fishing pole to save it for me.  I am sure he may have had to do that before because he knew exactly what to do, I just stood there and looked at it like crap the water is cold how am i going to get it back?  Thanks dad that really is my favorite hat.  After a couple hours, I called it quits.  I only caught one fish worth keeping and ended up leaving it with dad (he was doing pretty good fishing that day)  What I did get was a good couple of hours hanging out with just my dad.  Not really talking about anything important but talking the whole time I was there.  I miss time like that with him.  Time to just fish.  And yes this was probably my worst day of fishing ever...but it was still better than my best day at work.  :)
So that's what's been going on in my world with Chuck(s)  I say go get a pair, try them on, have some adventures and see how you like them.  Look forward to a few more posts featuring Chuck(s) they keep showing up everywhere.

I have a couple other things I am working on, hope to share with you soon.  Until then have a wonderful week!

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