Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A good time

Yep anytime you get to spend the weekend at the lake is a good time.  My girls and I drove over to mom and dads place on the lake this past weekend (Stephen met us there on Saturday)
I wanted to see them as it has been several weeks since the last time I had seen them.  Just wanted to share a few of the silly moments. 
This is one of the little girls (forgive me Janae, I still can't tell them apart unless I'm looking directly at their faces.  I'm sorry.  I love them like crazy just can't tell them apart very well)

<~~~~This is my girls making our purchase at the Dairy Deal.  This is a MUST when making the drive to Salina for any reason.  I have never had the food there but the ice cream products they offer are out of this world (unless you are a dork like Britt and order dippin' dots...those are just weird)
Be careful when ordering a large...they are way too large (especially if you on a diet.  :)
Here we are again being this picture she was almost in a panic because I was "helping" with the gas pedal and she thought we were going way too fast.  Shh...don't tell papa he gets his feathers a bit ruffled when they give it too much gas too often. 
He says the kids will have it wore out before summer is even over (he's probably right though if the truth be told)  But they love this getting to drive thing (every one of them) even if it is just a little yellow golf cart.        
It might as well be a fancy car to them.        


Papa told them they cant drive unless a grown up is on the golf cart with them. So I was the fun aunt for a bit this morning because no one else wanted to go out for a ride with them.
 I miss my parents more and more with each passing week and try to text and facebook them often to tell them that.  I wish every single day that they would move back home. 
But with this view I completely understand their reasons as to why they love being where they are. It really is a nice lake. I can not wait to visit them when the summer temps finally get here. We will be having a blast camping,cooking out, fishing, swimming, spending time with all the family and boating...all of my favorite things.
I got to spend a good amount of time with Stephens dad this past weekend too.  It is quite convenient that he happens to live just a few miles away from my parents.  His lady friend seems very nice and was excited about maybe getting to meet my girls.  Maybe she is what he needs to get him to spend more time with his only grand kids...who knows.  That is another story for another day.
I will be out of pocket so to speak for the next couple of weeks.  Stephen and I are getting to join some of my other family members on a cruise.(not as many as originally planned due to a broken down ship but we will make do and they will have a great time in a few months, I just know it.)
Anyway I will try to post before we head out and I will definitely post when we get back. 
Have a wonderful rest of the week.
As always, thanks for reading today.
tammy c


  1. Hi! I enjoy reading another small town Oklahoma person's take on life. The lake photo looks like it might be Lake Eufaula. Very nice. Keep up the good work! A friend in Porum, OK.

    1. It is so cool to know someone other than my family reads what I ramble about in my blog. The lake is Lake Hudson. But I where Eufaula is as well. Thanks for reading and feel free to email anytime

      Have a great day!

    2. Also would love to know if you have a blog if so Id like to read it as well.