Thursday, March 7, 2013

A journey of sorts...

Well I guess it's a journey I probably should have been on all along but ya know life happens and you just don't have time.  Or you're too tired to make time maybe.
I have made an active decision to get in shape (I know round is a shape but it isn't a healthy shape)   Stephen and I signed our family up for a membership at the local YMCA back in January.  You know how it is, its a new year gotta eat better get some exercise and just be healthy.   Well even with a membership I was having a hard time making myself go to the gym more than a once or twice a week and no matter how many times I tried watching what I was eating I still seem to be stuck at this weight (& shape) and it finally hit me a couple of weeks ago that I am done being this fat and unhealthy.  I talked with Stephen and made sure my being at the Y several times a week wasn't going to cause issues at home and started going. On a schedule no less. 
I am stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new stuff.
One morning I was meeting Jody there to workout and Sarah stopped me and asked if I'd like to come to zumba. (She has called and text several times and I always find a reason not to go.  I didn't want out of my zone.) I bowed out again this day saying "well I'm meeting Jody and I'm not sure she will want to do that today"  I also thought Jody wouldn't want to get out of her comfort zone...boy was I wrong.  Jody showed up and I told her of Sarahs offer and she replied with "oh my goodness I love zumba!"  Well great...guess I'm headed in to look like a fool because...well because I can't dance.
Turns out it wasn't that bad.  It was ok that I didn't know all the moves the first day, it was a fantastic cardio work out.  So the next night I went to zumba again with Jody to a friends class and again the next Monday back at the just was so much fun.  But on the days that I couldn't do zumba I felt like I was floundering in the gym and not really doing any real good.  So with every ounce of courage I had I text Sarah and asked her if I could pay her to be my personal trainer.  Sarah is always helping people and I asked in hopes she could help me push myself harder to see the results I want to see.  She was more than willing to help.  Says she won't take any money but we'll see about that.
It has only been a few days on the new schedule and I am hurting in places I didn't even know could hurt.  But its a good hurt (if that makes any sense) it's showing me its working and when it stops hurting then I hope she pushes me harder. She has helped with an eating plan to keep me losing as well.  I have Jody traveling this road with me and she is trying new classes right there with me.  It always seems easier when you have someone there to keep you motivated.   And in this case I have two someones  :)
So I guess the photo today is my before picture.   Who knows how long it will take and maybe soon I will be able to see some physical changes.  So far all i have noticed is that I seem to have more energy these days & I've stopped drinking soda &that is a big deal. 
At this time I am really digging in and making changes while most everyone else that started their new year right is starting to taper off.  Keep checking back to see any progress and some new photos(a couple months anyway)  I'm excited to see the changes come. 
Thanks for read
Go out and get moving, it might surprise you that you may enjoy it.
Thanks Sarah for everything you do.
Have a great weekend!
tammy c

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