Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happily ever after...

Well happily ever after for the most part...We aren't done yet so ya know.  Everyone knows in the real life it isn't always happy go lucky.  But that you have to work hard at being happy together.  And ya know what else we really are.  We have our problems we may not point them out for the world to see but we have them just like every single married couple that has chosen to stick it out through the rough patches.  But who knew that the longer you work at it the easier it gets.  I mean really we hardly ever fuss or fight anymore, I guess its because the things that scared us before and caused us to fight aren't really big issues after all.  Like bills, money, in laws (or outlaws), job changes or this parenting thing.  I don't really know what causes it to seem easier (maybe we both just had time to really grow up) but it really does seem easier.  Now you watch I'll wake up tomorrow all cranky and in a bad mood and we will have one heck of knock down drag out and I will be thinking this whole post was just a bogus mess (not really just saying that's my luck)    ;)
We really have grown so much together.  It makes me laugh when the girls ask about when I met dad...because when I met their dad I didn't even want a boyfriend much less a husband.  It was funny i was being pushed into meeting this guy and God knows I am (was) incredibly shy.  I didn't want any of that business yet here we are 19 years later celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary with children that are getting ever so close to being old enough to leave the nest.  We have started spending more and more time together as a couple again and it's almost like were are dating all over again.  I am loving this stage in life and I would bet that if you asked him he would agree that it just keeps getting better with every passing year.
My goodness we look too young to be newly weds :)
(July 1995)
Well thanks for reading my sappy rambling today.
Have a great week
tammy c

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