Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Back to school!

Well here we are, that time of year yet again when moms all around are rejoicing to their children’s dismay. Um…most moms to most children’s dismay. I don’t know about at your house but here I was glad to have my girls for the summer even though it seems like every other week one of them were gone off doing something great and exciting without me. My girls are at an age that I do enjoy spending time with them. We’re silly we like a lot of the same shows on TV we like wondering through antique malls or the woods (whichever the day finds us) So for school to start back was a little bitter sweet for me. I would have time to finally do stuff around here and not feel like I need to keep them entertained but in the next breath I already miss having someone to talk to while I am here hanging out at home. But don’t worry, I will manage. I have several unfinished projects to work on. Maybe even drag some of them out of the unfinished project cemetery (out from under the couch) as Britt would call it. Maybe make and sell some of the ideas floating around in my head. My girls seem to be overjoyed to be back at school (not stuck with mom every day she’s off work) they get to see all their friends they missed through the summer. For Val it’s kind of more of the same…she is in the middle of high school (a junior) so it all seems pretty routine for her. But Britt on the other hand. Well she has started her high school adventure FRESHMAN YEAR.
I know my girls read this blog even if it isn’t the cool thing to do, they have both at different times made mention to something or another that I have written about. So with the thought that they may read this one as well I just want to address a few words to them.
To my girls (and yours) at the beginning of another year of school…
 It doesn’t matter who is right. It only matters who is in charge. Of course this does not apply when moral issues are at stake. But the fact is you are not going to like every teacher or coach. Some will make mistakes. Some will be unfair. Some might even be rude. None of this gives you the right to be disrespectful. If you buck a teacher the teacher will always win.
The most attractive girl in any room is the one with confidence. Stand up straight and know you are something special.
Never underestimate the impact of even the smallest act of kindness. For some your smile might be the only smile or attention they receive all day. Always be kind.
Some things are still personal. Boys (or anyone for that matter) don’t want to see you put on deodorant, pick your nose or hear about well you know that one week…
Learn to load the dishwasher properly. Ok that has nothing to do with school I would just love for you to learn this ;)
Don’t be hot. Be beautiful. Commodities are hot. Commodities are to be used and discarded. But if something is beautiful it is valued and treasured. You both are so very beautiful (and no I don’t get paid to say that) you truly are beautiful.

I wish I could say this was all you need to know about high school I am sure it isn’t. I am sure you wish this was all I have to say truth is it isn’t. There is so much more I will want to tell you over the next few years while you’re still living at home with your dad and me. Sometimes you won’t want to hear it, you’ll think I am old fashion or out of touch maybe even a nag, you will even want me to butt out and leave you alone.
Sorry. That will not happen. High school is great, but it is by no means the greatest time of your whole lives. It gets so much better. I am proud of you. I have faith in you. I love you. Make good choices and know that I am here for you no matter what.
To all my friends with little ones. Kiss them every day and have a blast with them while you can they grow entirely to fast and then they are in high school not really wanting kisses from momma any more.
Check back soon. I have lots of ideas for all this alone time I have encountered and will be posting all my crazy antics. I have added some ads to my blog and would love for you to take a minute of your day to maybe click them and see where they take you. It doesn't cost you anything but time.  and Please share my blog address with your friends, who knows they might like my silly stories :)  I love feed back. If you have an idea for a post or a comment about something I have posted in the past. Please feel free to let me hear them. Leave your comment in the comment section below. Or shoot me an email I answer everything.
What will you do with your extra time now that school has started back up?
See you soon.

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