Friday, August 30, 2013

Sweet little trinkets

Yesterday I was given these cool little brass looking (I don't know if they are really brass or not but they look like it)  I have been eyeing a project on my favorite website for some time now and well seeing that these were given to me I thought "no time like the present!"  I couldn't hardly contain my excitement while waiting for the hours to tick by until work was over and I could make a quick run to the craft store to see if they had a stamping kit and a few other items I would need to complete the project.
They did and I used the app on my phone to get the famous 40% off one regular priced item for the tools (I sent Britt through the line to use the coupon too).  I spent just under $25 on this project (not too bad in my book)  After closing down the previously mentioned store with my sweet Brittnie we stopped and grabbed a bite to eat and headed home to start on our crafts.  Turns out she is as bad as her momma when she gets an idea in her head...but that is a story for another day.
We got home and tore into our stuff the stamping kit looks simple enough.  You put the metal you want stamped on the small block of metal (to keep your table or cabinet from being torn up I guess) pull out the letters you are using one at a time so you can get them back in order fairly quickly.  Line it up making sure the letter will be facing the correct way after stamping. And the fun part (or nerve racking if you're worried you will mess up like me) Give it a nice firm hit with a hammer.  I used some huge thing my girl got out of dads shed, but a normal carpenters hammer should work fine.  I held the hammer close to the head as to have more control and not smash any fingers and to get a good firm hit on the stamp.  Repeat with all letters you have chosen for your project.  After stamping is all done I took a sharpie and just traced over each letter let it sit a second and dry then with a bit of rubbing alcohol wiped it clean.  It leaves just the right enough ink in the groves of the letters to really make them pop.
Mine says "lucky us" on the brass looking disk I got yesterday and the coins are what make this a super sweet girly mushy trinket because then on the penny of my hubby's birth year I stamped "Mr" on the penny with my birth year I stamped "Mrs" and the penny of the year we were married I stamped the "&" sign.  I think it is the cutest (sweetest) little homemade trinket.  
I have shown off my newest creation and have had several people offer to buy one with their dates so maybe I can make a couple dollars with this new tool of mine.  After all I have been looking and people are selling them on sites like for anywhere between $20-$40.  This is something people are paying for.  I wanted one for myself and will be making some as gifts as well.  So why not make a few extra to sell?  I'm also thinking give away...keep your eyes open, that will happen soon.

It's Friday and for most people the beginning of a nice 3 day holiday weekend (Yay for Labor Day!) So enjoy your extra day with your family and if you have time try to be creative it keeps the brain sharp, OK I don't know if it really keeps the brain sharp but how could it not?

 I am loving my new key chain and am just dying because I want to show it off but how can I show it off if it's stuck down inside my bag on my truck keys?  Hmmm...

My finished project!!  I ♥ it!!

 Have a great weekend!


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