Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What I'm working on Wednesday

I am so excited.  I can't even slow down long enough to form full sentences about this super fun idea that was given to me today.  So if this post makes sense when I'm finished it will probably be a miracle that's for sure. 
Anyway...This morning in a normal daily visit with one of the girls at work she gave me a super fantastic idea.  OK well maybe I am the only one that thinks it is a super fantastic idea but still I am excited and it seems like we are going to have a great turn out.  OK I know...I know...what is it already?  Right?  :)  A recipe swap party!!!
That's right a recipe swap party.  I have done a bit of foot work (text work really) to see if there would be very many ladies interested in attending one of these parties and turns out almost everyone was willing to participate.  So what does this mean exactly?  I am inviting several ladies over everyone is going to bring their favorite recipe (already prepared and ready to share) along with printed copies of the recipe they are sharing to pass out to all the ladies in attendance.  I am inviting work friends, family members and several friends both old and new.  I am excited for all the women in my life to get a chance to meet one another and share lots of yummy food and the thought of lots of new recipes to add to our kitchens sounds fabulous to me.  I can't wait for October to get here and see how it all turns out.  In the meantime I will be over at Pinterest finding lots of ideas for the party and let me just say I have already found a bunch more party ideas and told hubby this evening that he will have to start being gone more often so I can have the girls over for a different kind of party every couple of months.  To which his reply was "hmm"  My translation to that was "Sure honey whatever makes you happy"  That probably isn't what he meant but until he uses words that is how I am taking it.  :)
Like I said I have been on pinterest already so keep your eyes open for party ideas as the weeks slowly drift by and October finally makes its entrance. 
So that's "What I'm working on this Wednesday"  stop by next week so see what's going on.
Thanks for reading
Happy hump day
(I see that silly camel from the commercial every time I hear or say that now)
Anyway, have a great week!
  These are just a couple of the invitation ideas I found...

And some of the party favors I came across.  Can't wait to see what it will all be like when it is all put together!
Take a step out and try your own recipe swap party.  If you do (invite me I love to cook)  Send me pictures and stories.  I am sure it will be loads of fun!


  1. I like the second invitation and thats a cute party idea. I love to cook stuff from scratch. Thanks to our dearest grandma that i got to watch for hours cooking.

  2. Yes she did make sure we got our share of cooking know how huh. I love cooking too. If you email (or facebook message) me your address I will make sure you get an invitation. I would love to have you.

    And thanks for reading. It's nice to know someone out there is ☺

    ♥ ya