Friday, December 21, 2012

Make the most of it

I know it's nuts, and maybe my dad doesn't want to spend much time reflecting (or me sharing it with you) on this time in his life when he had to spend all this time in the hospital, but me I want to remember it.  All of it.  I kinda wonder why, why would I want to take so much time remembering all the little things about his stay but then I think...because if it weren't for him and his stay at the hospital bringing us all (the 11 of us) back together as a family it could have been something much worse bringing us back together.  So I am doing what I can to make the most of it for my girls and for dad. Trying to make it a better memory better than the time he could have died, but a time in his own way he brought his family back to the tight little unit they should be.

I want to take a minute and rewind...about 5-6 months ago.  July to be exact.  We were all hanging out for the big firework/birthday party that happens every year, everyone was getting along great having a wonderful time.  Near the end of the night my daughter was looking through her phone at photos on the app that everyone loves when my husband noticed a picture (that my niece posted)  that he felt was inappropriate, acting before thinking he pointed it out.  In his defense he thought he was doing right by telling grandpa about it and telling grandpa maybe he should say something or he would...long story short things were said people were accused and feelings were hurt.  I know that I had hard feelings about the whole issue and avoided even trying to talk to my brother and his wife unless I had to because I was accused of things that didn't even apply to the situation as well (women are catty and mean)  It was an ugly mess to say the least.

Now back to where I began...his hospital stay bringing us back together.  Its weird, but I have had a pretty good time spending all this time with my brothers family and my parents at the hospital.  These are not the best circumstances in which to gather with the family, but I think God was watching our little family unit being pulled and stretched further and further apart that he maybe took charge to fix the problem.  Have my sister in law and I sat down to talk about how much we have hurt each other with our words and attitudes no.  We haven't.  But I think that I am a big enough person to be able to grow and get past it.  As is she.  We all have just let bygones be bygones and we have just visited, stressed, prayed, played games, knitted, waited and just enjoyed being together during this rough time in our lives.  Dad is getting better and better every day.  He was moved out of ICU and into his own room again with the high hopes of getting to come home before Christmas ( me I am still pretty sure he won't but I don't want to upset him)  For now we are just making the most of it.

I have been snapping photos with my phone everyday that we have been here.  It seems silly I know but then we are a pretty silly family. But we know how to have a good time even in the worst of situations. Able to see a silver lining even in the darkest of clouds

Here is a view from the waiting room on the 5th floor.  I was there with Christie picking out the cool looking buildings that we could see.  We wondered all over this floor in search of windows to look out.  Its been fun.

The photos here is how the little ones have been passing the time, playing games on the Kindle and knitting.  They don't get too far from papa for very long.

This is just a couple of visitors, most everyone has been to visit at one point or another.  Dad has gotten so many comments about how big his family is.  His room on the 5th floor has been dubbed "the party room"  it has been fun.  Monica even brought him a mini Christmas tree to liven things up a bit. (just in case we have to be here that long)

We took mom outside the hospital to get some good food and some fresh air.  She fought us and didn't want to leave dad, but there were other family members with him so he wasn't alone.  She relaxed after a little bit and was being silly with the girls.  (she needed it)

When the girls weren't knitting, they could be found watching something on netflix, going ice skating,  reading, playing games or just being silly with papa ( they wanted to see how tall the bed would go)

I have lost count as to how many baby hats the girls have delivered.  They took some down last night and a nurse they hadn't met yet asked them if they were girl scouts.  I believe they were happy with their "no" answer because they were doing this because they want to not because they have to.  (Makes moms & dads proud to see what great daughters they are raising too)

I do think all this time is taking it's toll on us all...the craziness may be trying to take a hold and not let go...or we were already crazy and all this time in the same place for so long is starting to just bring it out in us all...

I'm not sure what this post was for, probably just for me and my thoughts spilling out onto the page.  Its a crazy situation to find ones self in.  Dad says getting old is not for the weak.  I think he is right.  I don't know if I am strong enough to face what the future holds for our family.  Because through it all we really are a very close family unit and missing any one of us would tear us all apart I'm afraid.

But for now we are doing what we do and making the most of it all.

Janae mentioned a hospital scavenger hunt for the big girls, papa keeps telling them no but maybe...just maybe they'll get one in before he is released.

Hope you have a great weekend before Christmas.

Love you all
tammy c

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