Thursday, December 27, 2012

Our crazy but blessed Christmas

I can say that our Christmas was a bit on the crazy side because well not everyone spends their Christmas holiday in the hospital.  But the blessed part is that we were with dad and he is still with us.  Yes it has been quite the ordeal, having spent so much time there.  But looking at how much different it could have been I am just glad we have him still with us to be able to celebrate.

The setting might have been less than perfect, but the girls all got tons of stuff  and we had some pretty good food.  Brittnie made chili and corn bread for us all & let me just say my baby girl did pretty darn well.  She never wants to cook anything (not even something from a box)  So for her to make chili from scratch well it just makes my heart happy. 
Dad looks great and is home (at Dave & Nae's) resting.  He got to go home the day after Christmas and so now I guess you can say we all got what we wanted for Christmas.  I haven't been to see him yet, but will in the next day or two.  Britt has been sick and I didn't want him to be bothered with getting a stomach virus or something so soon after his surgery.

This is a short post with a few pictures again my head is swimming with things I feel i need to write about but now that I am sitting in a quiet house with the computer in my lap I am at a loss for words.  So I'll finish up & maybe next time I will have something more to share with you all.

The girls getting ready to tear into their loot

Haleigh about to enjoy some of Britt's chili

dad having his Christmas dinner
(not chili but maybe next time)

Katie & Christie
they are convinced that Santa
left the kindles for them while he was in the hospital.

My sweet Britt was sure
this was going to be the worst Christmas ever

Britt may just be the most spoiled cowgirl there is :)

It makes me smile to think that the twins look up to Britt the
way they do.  I pray she always gives them a good example to follow

Closing with the photo at left...

I know as we get older the giant pile of gifts we got as kids seems to dwindle.  And as parents it is about being able to give more to our kids than to each other.   While my girls are old enough to know that Santa does not bring their gifts, they do still want to wake up Christmas morning and find all the things they dreamed of under the tree.  It took a ton of help this year to make that happen but it did.
When the girls were busy with all their gifts my own Santa Stephen had pulled this gift out for me.  Now know this...he never does his own shopping which is why this was such a huge surprise.  I don't think I have ever really asked for this, but have always loved the Open Hearts Collection.  The one I was given has 4 hearts(one for each of us) and means even more because it will always remind me of the Christmas God gave David and I (and our whole family) our dad back after open heart surgery.

Thanks for reading I hope you all got what you were wishing for this Christmas and may 2013 be the best year yet for us all.

Have a great day

Love you all
tammy c

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  1. That brought tears to my eyes... it is truely a Christmas to remember...Praise God that Nita And Dean are still with us!! Thank you Lord! Aunt T