Thursday, December 6, 2012

Midlife crisis? Nah, just having a little fun.

I guess that is what some people call it when a guy nearing (ever so close to) 40 goes out and buys himself a shiny new (or not so new) motorcycle.  However that thought never really crossed my mind when Stephen asked to buy one off a guy he works with.  I wasn't thrilled with the idea, not because I thought he was having a midlife crisis, but because I thought there were plenty of other things we could spend our money on.  I said no.  We always talk about big purchases and agree when or if we spend the money.  I was sure this thought was settled and we would not be the owners of a motorcycle anytime soon.  Stephen had other ideas...
Stephens toy

He made the decision to get the bike (it really was a good price, I guess) and well now we are that crazy old couple that rides around on a motorcycle every chance at nice weather we get.

Here is a bit of history...My dad had a Honda gold wing when we were little (I was like 13)  he and my mom would take little weekend trips and we would stay with grandma or a friend or some other family member.  He would take us on little rides around town and even once took me to Kansas.  That was amazing right.  Well at 13 Kansas is like way far away.  It was the coolest thing ever at the time.  I loved it when i got to go with dad on his bike.  I was cool!  Well that was the last time I was on a bike until I met Stephen and got to meet his dad.  When I met his dad he looked like the biker dudes in the movies.  Big tall scary guy dressed in black leather riding a Harley.  It was this time in life that I finally got to ride on the back of a Harley.
His bike was nice a "Fat boy" is what is was I believe.  He only took me a couple of miles, but the bike did not have a back rest and I was so scared I was going to slide right off the back.  It was then that I didn't care if I never got on another motorcycle.

Have really started to like the view from here :)

Well that was then and this is now.  The photo above is my view from the back of his bike these days.  I will be the first to admit that the first couple of rides the only thing I could think about was "OMG it is going to hurt if we crash"  the road was just flying by and being that I work where I do I have seen and heard things that scare the crap out of me.  I know what kind of damage crashing a motorcycle can cause.  So to keep from spilling my brains out on the side of the road I wear a helmet(see picture at right...ha ha)  I think I look silly.  I have this mental image of what a chic on the back of a bike should look like and well I don't kid myself into thinking I fit that image.  I think she should be smokin' hot and thin and look amazing.  And well I am just not those things.  But I guess looking silly is better than looking dead right?  :)   And who cares really.  Stephen and I have a great time while out on the bike.  We have taken a weekend trip to the lake, several day trips all over roads we haven't ever been on just to see where they come out and lots of back roads that are just fun country roads.  It's a little crazy but him having the bike and us taking rides as often as we have has really brought us closer together.  Here I was worried we wouldn't have anything to do or talk about when the girls got old enough to move out.  Well guess he fixed that little problem.  I am already trying to talk him into buying me my own bike I have started to love riding so much.

Just look at goodness  :)
While flipping through some pictures the other day on the camera, Nikki said "wow he is actually looking at the camera"  I replied with "its crazy how he seems so relaxed and happy while riding, that he don't even care that I reach around to snap a fun picture" 

But its is amazing how when we get on the bike we don't worry about our phones or bills or work or anything really just us taking a ride and enjoying each others company when we stop to eat or look at a view that we never really looked at before.  I am loving this life we are living together.  The longer we are together the better it is getting.

Well I suppose I have kept you with my rambling long enough and I must be going now.

Until next time.
Have a great day!



  1. OHH!! What is it? We have a Yamaha Road-something-or-other 1700. LOVE OUR BIKE! Like you, I'm dying to learn to ride myself. But as soon as I learn how, I'll go bonkers trying to go for rides. And they don't like 2 year old on the backs of those things!! LOL So I patiently wait my turn. We have a friend with a Honda Shadow 650 that we may buy for me. It won't do well on the highway, but it'll be great for a beginner to run to town on. Besides, I LOVE wrapping my arms and legs around my man and flying down the road. Enjoy!!!

    1. It's a Honda Shadow 1100. Not bad for a first bike...awesome fun ride. And as far as me on my own bike well I don't know if that will ever really happen. I am a very aggressive driver as it is (probably not the best idea) and I too love getting to be that close to the sweet hubby while we ride. It's our time ya know :)

      Thanks for reading my blog.